The elléo Hydro Screw : options

Stainless steel coating

Stainless steel has high corrosion resistance properties and withstands temperature variations. Unlike painted steel screws, which must be disassembled and repainted every 10 years or so, stainless-steel-coated screws require no maintenance.
Stainless steel screws are robust and built to last.


Variable speed

Recommended for schemes subjected to periods of low flow.

When the available water is insufficient to allow the scheme to operate under full load, the flow moving through the screw turbine must be limited. At a fixed speed, the only choice is to lower the screw turbine's fill level by closing the sluice. This will reduce the available head and thus the power output.

Variable speed is a more efficient alternative in such cases. By means of a variable frequency drive, the screw's rotational speed directly adjusts the flow rate passing through the screw. The screw fill level, and thus the head, are maintained under any hydrological conditions. Production is optimised and profitability is maximised.

Variable speed also offers other advantages. By optimising the filling of pockets of water and reducing the rotational speed, the scheme operates at lower noise levels and fish pass through it unharmed.


CCTV monitoring

A conventional remote-management system (email and/or smartphone alerts, remote monitoring of electricity generation, etc.) is available for all our hydro screw schemes.

In such case we suggest retrofitting existing RMS's with a camera to allow you to monitor your screw-turbine system in real time and, more importantly, start it up safely and remotely.