New scheme

When you choose an Elléo Hydro Screw for your next scheme, you immediately make the best choice for the environment and achieve an overall efficiency that is virtually equivalent to that of conventional turbines (Kaplan, Francis). Our screw turbines allow fish to safely migrate downstream and enable you to reduce your impact on the environment and benefit from a robust technology that requires very little maintenance.



Screw turbines are perfectly suited for mills (low head and average flow rates of between 1 and 3 m3/h). Elléo solutions allow you to renovate your mill whilst preserving your assets and making a sustainable investment.
If you already operate a scheme with a conventional turbine, you will have to retrofit it with 2 cm fine screens, a bar screen, and a downstream fish passage. A microhydro screw turbine is probably the easiest and most cost-effective solution to install.


Increase the productivity of an existing hydropower scheme

Elléo Hydro Screws can also provide additional power to schemes that do not yet run at their allowed or allowable capacity. Installing one or more screw turbines in parallel to an existing turbine or on an instream turbine can in most cases reduce civil-engineering costs.


Man-maid flows

Elléo microhydro screw turbines can also be installed at wastewater treatment plant outlets, on irrigation canals and on all man-made flows in general.


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